Interested in becoming a paid affiliate for Black-owned brands? Check out our frequently asked questions below!

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What is the Forefront Influencer Program?

Forefront Influencer Program allows anyone to become an affiliate for their favorite Black–owned brands. We will give you an affiliate link and a your own profile/store where you can showcase your favorite products to your audience. You can share your store link anywhere online and get paid everyone someone purchases a product from your link.

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Is there a certain amount of followers I need to be apart of Forefront’s Influencer Program?

Forefront does not require a minimum follower count to be a part of our Inlfluencer Program. Your acceptance will be based on your social media activity, engagement, and product alignment with your social post. 

Unlike most Influencer platforms, We don’t not solely care about how many followers that you have. We want someone who is creative, authentic, and personable that can creat quality content on a consistent basis to uplift the brands you love on Forefront.

How do I make money?

Forefront is an affiliate marketplace where shoppers and influencers are able to earn affiliate commissions by promoting and sharing products with others across social channels. 

Once accepted into the Forefront Influencer Program, you will receive your own affiliate link that will be linked to your Forefront store. You can share your link wherever your audience is. (ie. Instagram bio or stories, TikTok, Youtube, Podcast, Blogs, etc.) You will earn an affiliate commission from 10-30% every time someone makes a purchase through your link/store.

What is a Forefront Store?

Every influencer will be able to set up their own Forefront store and showcase all of your favorite products. You are only able to upload products in your store that you have purchased. Our goal is for our influencers to deliver authentic and relatable content on products in our marketplace.

You can invite others to shop products wiithin our store through your affiliate link, however, please be sure to disclose to your audience that you will earn a commission when they make a purchase.


Interested in selling your products on The Forefront? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions below!

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Is my brand a good fit for Forefront?

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How can I grow by using Forefront?

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I already use an affiliate program, do I still need to use Forefront’s?

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How can affiliate/influencer marketing help my brand?

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How can I join Forefront’s affiliate marketplace?

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Interest in shopping products from Black brands on Forefront? Check out our frequently asked questions below!

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Who do I contact if i have issues with my orders?

Forefront is a marketplace which means we house many different brands but do not hold the inventory. If you have any questions or experience any issues with your order, please contact the brand associated with the product you purchased. 

In the event that you can’t get in contact with the brands, please contact our team at and we will gladly assist you where we can. Forefront wants to ensure all the brands on our platform are delivering quality service. We’d like to know brands are doing great, and what brands are not (:

What kinds of brands can I expect to find on Forefront?

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When can I expect to receive my order?

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Do Influencers get paid when I purchase something?

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Can I become a part of the Forefront Influencer Program?

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