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Become a Pro at Influencer Marketing with Forefront's Knowledge Base Tutorials

Looking to up your influencer marketing game? Look no further than Forefront's knowledge base tutorials. Our platform is designed to connect influencers with brands for seamless collaborations, and our tutorials can help you make the most of every partnership. Whether you're new to the influencer marketing world or a seasoned pro, our step-by-step guides will teach you how to use Forefront's platform to its fullest potential.

Brand Portal Walkthrough

Learn How to Manage Your Brand on Forefront

As a vendor on Forefront, you have access to a powerful management tool that allows you to manage all aspects of your brand on the marketplace. In this tutorial, we'll show you how to log in to your brand profile, access the dashboard, orders, payouts, and products pages, and manage your products, orders, and payouts with ease.


Learn How to Add Your Products to the Forefront Marketplace

Adding your products to the Forefront marketplace is a simple and straightforward process that can help boost your sales and exposure. In this tutorial, we'll show you how to create new products on Forefront, including how to add product details, descriptions, images, categories, tags, pricing, inventory, and SKU information.

Creating Multiple Variant Options

Customize Your Product Options

Customizing your product options can help you appeal to a wider audience and provide more value to your customers. In this tutorial, we'll show you how to create multiple product variations on Forefront, including how to add different sizes, colors, and pricing options to your products. With Forefront, creating a variety of options for your products has never been easier.

Fulfilling an Order

Manage Your Order Fulfillment Efficiently

As a vendor on Forefront, it's crucial to fulfill your customers' orders quickly and efficiently. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to manage your order fulfillment directly from our platform. From selecting the order or orders you'd like to fulfill to entering tracking information and notifying your customer, we'll guide you through the entire process. You'll also learn how to view fulfillment details and update the order status. With our easy-to-use Fulfillments tab, you'll be fulfilling orders in no time.


Determine What to Charge on Forefront

This video will walk you through the Forefront Pricing Calculator Template. The pricing calculator is designed for brands joining the Forefront marketplace to determine the price you should charge for their products, accounting for marketplace fees, influencer fees, shipping costs, and Stripe/Paypal fees. Our goal is to help you maintain the same profit margins as you would on your own site.

What OUR Brand Champs are Saying…

"The Forefront team has been amazing to work with, the team has made our influencer partnership journey seamless. I don't think we are going anywhere else!"

"The Forefront Influencer Program has introduced me and my audience to brands that I’m not only obsessed with and totally believe in but it has also exposed me to a network of opportunities I may have otherwise missed. Thank you, Forefront!"

"Forefront is for the Culture"

"Being able to do product reviews for my own culture."

"I’m interested in connecting & building relationships with brands, and growing my audience as I build my brand."

"Supporting Black-owned brands and companies. Building community with other Black influencers and partners."

"My brand as a whole is about supporting Black-owned and woman-owned businesses. This program fits perfectly with my brand."

"Supporting Black businesses and monetization"

"The ability to create content for Black-owned businesses and to learn more about this influencer lifestyle."

"Great platform to get paid"

"I love to show my passion and why not do it for my own people."

"The opportunity to discover and work with Black-owned brands"

"What interests me the most about the program is the opportunity to promote products that I love with my community of followers."

"Not only is it a platform for Black-owned brands, but it’s also helping Black influencers at various levels in their content-creating journey"

"The fact that they work with nano influencers; it’s hard getting brands to look at you if you have less then 10k."

"The fact that this a black owned company focused on promoting black owned business. It’s giving Black Wall Street vibes and I absolutely want all parts!"

"The fact that it’s black owned and that the owners care about the spaces that they are connected to"

"What excites us about being a part of Forefront is the ability to connect with other influencers who share the same interests, cares and desires of our brand as well. In addition, making connections and establishing relationships with others as well as support influencers in our community."

"Black owned businesses supporting other black owned businesses with our mutual benefit in mind and growing our overall eco-system of black generational wealth"

"Black owned businesses supporting other black owned businesses with our mutual benefit in mind and growing our overall eco-system of black generational wealth"

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